Orlando, FL

Empowering Business Transactions

Client Types empowers people to have a business transaction in a way that is natural for them.  Our mission is to improve the sales experience for both the salesperson and the client or customer. In the same way that eHarmony leverages key factors to match subscribers, Client Types software identifies the communication style of each customer and translates that knowledge into actionable steps for each salesperson to create higher close ratios, more sales and increased insight for sales management. The company has developed, tested, launched and delivered to sales floors a fast online assessment tool that identifies a customer’s communication style and details how to best interact with that customer. Client Types is the first software system that identifies the four key behaviors of communication style, predicts customer behavior/response, and directs the salesperson how to act/not act to improve the interaction and close more sales. This data has not been available before in business environments. Proprietary software identifies the communication style of each customer during a four-minute multiple- choice survey delivered via email, iPad or iPhone, touch-screen kiosk or online. More than 99% of customers who are asked to take the survey do so, based on over 8,000 surveys taken. Sales performance has increased 10%–30% in companies that use Client Types. Case study reports indicate an average 13% volume increase per salesperson in these companies after using the Client Types system, and that increase is sustained. For sales management, the aggregated results of a sales floor can be viewed remotely to diagnose sales floor challenges, optimize efficiencies, assess sales performance and increase profits. Case study reports of targeted training show increases of nearly 100% improvement in challenged areas. For the salesperson, Client Types software pinpoints predictive behavior, including key motivations, type of salesperson desired, hot buttons, masks, likely objections, how to act/how not to act and sample closing phrases, all within seconds of the survey being completed. For more information about Client Types software please visit What is Client Types. What is my buying style?       To reach us, please Contact Us. Client Types is based in Orlando, Florida.