An International Team

The Client Type’s team help  people understand the benefits of using powerful customer insight!  Learn more about training.

Jason Young, Chief Visionary Officer

Jason Young, co-founder, served in the USAF in Military Intelligence and applied his subsequent sales career in combination with his military experience in personality systems to co-found Client Types. Jason is known for his passion, energy, persuasiveness and global vision for Client Types.

Simon Kenna, European Sales Manager

Based in Central London Simon heads up our European expansion and brings enormous practical experience and enthusiasm for the Client Types solution to your Sales issues. His feedback to our clients is always refreshingly honest, encouraging them to raise their games considerably and helping them get the results they deserve. Please contact him via email: or by phone on 07723391103 (International +44 7723391103).

Research and Development

Constant feedback about how customers are using the Client Types system is the driving force for improving and expanding the system, incorporating best practices from many disciplines. Learn more about Client Types research and development.

Richard Lum, Chief Technology Officer

Software research, prototyping, modification, engineering, deployment, quality control and maintenance of the Client Types Sales Intelligence System is handled by software development.  Many new features are suggested by customers and there is continual work to streamline and unify the source code to deliver optimal performance for all customers.


The primary function of marketing is to listen to customers, understand what resonates with them about the Client Types Sale Intelligence system and to make potential new customers aware of those benefits. Client Types is marketed through advertising, presentations, direct marketing, public relations, and by Client Types Sales Partners across the U.S.

Account Management and Data Services

Account Management ensures that each customer has access to all upgrades including new surveys, new training materials, and new versions of all the Client Types tools. Services include full use of Client Types reports and feedback system, management and executive reports, access to technical support as required, and integration consulting. Data Services include any needed hardware and internet connection for the survey and system tools, data entry and additional data analysis for daily reports.

Melissa Young, Account Manager


Human Resources

We are constantly looking for people who have great business skills and more than a passing interest in psychology and type. If you meet that criteria, submit your resume to