What is my buying style?

What is Client Types?

It’s a cloud-based software system that discovers your customer’s communication style instantly and guides a salesperson to close more sales, a marketer to target customers by client type, and customer service to retain more customers by treating each customer how they want to be treated. Here’s a 2 minute overview of how it works.

Before you meet your next customer, either in person, on the phone or online, imagine that you knew this about him (or her):

  • He’ll make his decision based on facts, using the analytical part of his brain, not the emotional part.
  • He often shows an “in charge” attitude but that can be masked by an easy-going style.
  • His likely objections to your product will be centered on its credibility and whether it makes financial sense.
  • The sales approach he prefers is to receive just the facts.
  • He would prefer to do business with an analytical, professional person who uses an orderly and detailed process that provides him with lots of concrete product examples and doesn’t waste time.
  • He’ll look to the past to remember what has worked and compare it to the present product you are presenting.
  • He’ll want to talk more than listen and has a high energy level.
  • His days are planned and unscheduled interruptions are considered an annoyance.
  • You can appeal to his pride and reference the prestige of owning your product, but know his real hot button is profits.
  • He will criticize your product but that is his way of verifying facts and is an important part of his decision process.  Also that his criticism is not personally directed at you.
This is the communication style of the Client Type we call the Assertive Eagle, one of four types very likely to be sitting in the big office, that of the CEO. What has been described above are his inborn behavioral preferences – the one’s that haven’t changed since he was 18 – as applied to his approach to a business transaction where he is the buyer.  That is probably more than you know about an old friend, even your oldest friend. Now, what if you knew this BEFORE you had your meeting? Imagine how could you tailor your pitch and presentation so that it focused on facts, examples, profits, detail, and not summaries, background, impact on people, emotional appeals and future benefits? How would that affect your ability to move him to the next point in your sales process?  And eventually close the deal? That is the power of the Client Types Sales Intelligence System. What we like to say is…

Know your new customer better than an old friend

In Just 4 Minutes You’ll Know Your New Customer Better Than an Old Friend.

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