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A detailed explanation of what’s behind the survey

What is my buying style?

The latest research* states that nurtured relationships are the number one reason for sales that close. Companies spend over $4 billion per year training sales professionals. Much of that money goes to learning sales techniques. Some of it goes to learning how to “read” a customer’s buying style. None of it goes to asking the customer how they want to be treated. We decided to change that. We believe customers should be treated as the individuals they are. Yet, most sales people sell to customers the way they themselves would like to be sold to, or they use a process they have learned over the years. And that process is the same for everyone. Why? Because there has been no easy way to find out how a customer would like to be treated, until now.

The Ultimate Customer Intelligence: Know Their Communication Style

The only true way to understand someone is to ask, and to receive an honest answer. You do this in your personal life. Now it’s time to do this in business with your customers, except that we ask all of the right questions for you. It has taken years of development and testing to create a survey that will accurately, and by accurately we mean 95% of the time (we are working on that last 5%!), determine the client type and communication style of any customer, and do it in a survey that anyone can take in just four short minutes. It doesn’t matter whether the customer is male or female, has high or low income, owns a house, lives in California or Tennessee, is Republican or Independent, likes cooking or classic cars. The Client Types survey identifies the personal values and communication style attributes that are critical to know prior to engaging the customer. Here are the type of questions from the survey:

What is the more valuable compliment

a) innovative

b) practical

When asked to do a task, would you rather start by

a) finding out how other people are doing it

b) jumping in to invent your own method

When planning travel, do you prefer to

a) have most days planned

b) leave things open

We don’t directly ask about what type of customer service a person prefers or what type of salesperson they prefer. The questions are designed to go much deeper into the fundamental behaviors that person prefers, determine their answers, and cross reference that with the large body of research on human behavior and personality type, which started back in the day of Hippocrates in 400 BC. In fact, compared to modern business research, 2,400 years of data on the system of human behavior is more than enough to determine a customer’s communication style. But we didn’t stop there. We incorporated modern sales systems and techniques, emotional IQ, Neurolinguistics programming, temperament, system thinking and dynamics into the equation. Then, we simplified the output. And we simplified it again. And again. So that you don’t have to have a PhD in psychology to understand the survey results, and how to act with this customer. Here is the simplified version of the Assertive Eagle client type, one of 20 communication styles that we can identify with this survey: Client Type and Buying Style: Assertive Eagle Client Type and Buying Style: Assertive Eagle Rest assured there is a more detailed version for those who like to see all of the Do’s and Don’ts for this type of customer. We’ve found that most sales people think the short version gives them enough insight to begin selling. Whichever one is more comfortable for you, we think this system is going to be a gold mine for . Why do we have an animal mascot for each client type? It makes remembering the type easier for the sales staff and helps them to associate certain preferences with certain types. And it gives us a reason to encourage you to donate to The Nature Conservancy, our favorite cause, to save habitats for animals by preserving land in its natural state. If you are thinking, “my customers won’t take a survey”, you will be surprised to know that 99% of customers who are asked take the survey. It’s not like we have asked a few people. We have asked thousands, from all walks of life, men and women, who are considering a business transaction where they are the buyer. By saying, “Please take this short survey so that we can improve our customer service for you and save you time,” 99% agree to take the survey. We have tested this in some of the most harsh and difficult sales environments, such as automotive sales and timeshare sales. Customers in these environments come in ready to do battle, skeptical, and braced to resist any sales techniques. Client Types is also used in professional service environments such as insurance. After months of using Client Types surveys, sales closing rates have increased 10% – 30% in both challenging and professional service sales environments.

How Much Does One Lost Sale Cost You?

It typically takes just one more sale per month to pay for the service. The rest of the sales go right to your bottom line. Use this Lost Sale Calculator to determine how many lost sales you can win by knowing your customer’s communication style. Many companies like yours who have implemented the Client Types Sales Intelligence System find their sales people closing one more sale per person per month to increase total sales 10% – 30%. If this system is of interest to you, contact us before your competition finds us, too. We guarantee that you’ll know more about your customer than ever before. Nothing is more powerful than seeing the results of the system yourself.

Find Out Your Client Types and Communication Style for Free.

First, click below to take the survey. What is My Client Type?




When the survey is completed, a short buying style report will be displayed for you.

Then, send the link to a customer. The sooner you start using Client Types, the sooner you will see the results from your sales team. The survey only takes four minutes to complete, which is why thousands of customers who were ready to consider a purchase have taken and completed it. It is especially useful when you have two customers, a husband and wife for example, who are different types and have different communication styles. Knowing both styles will keep you and your sales staff from having one customer “in” and one customer “out.” The higher the value of the sale, the more important it is to take the time upfront – and we are talking about four minutes here – to provide the highest level of customer service possible. One surprise benefit we haven’t mentioned yet: customers love to take the survey. The feedback we receive through Client Types users are that customers say it is fun and they are astonished that the company giving the survey can identify their ideal customer service scenario and their preferred interaction style in such a short time. It makes them feel taken care of and special. Again, all we ask is that you try it yourself. Then contact us to implement it for your sales team. Soon you’ll be hearing your new favorite phrase, “the (assertive) eagle has landed.”
*Profiles International, America’s Most Productive Companies 2010 Large Sales Force Analysis