Email Marketing Segmented by Communication Style

  • Client Types reports will show you how to act/not act with specific communication styles, and how your customer database is segmented by communication style.

  • This precise matching of customer communication style and email messages will yield higher sales, improved retention and improve the efficiency of your email campaigns. All of this will be appreciated by your executive team.

email marketing by buying style Knowing your customer’s communication style isn’t about improving open rates or deliverability or reducing spam complaints. It’s about treating customer the way they want to be treated, which leads to higher revenue, better customer retention and lowers the cost to communicate with customers, all goals that resonate in the executive offices. CRM databases are filled with demographic data, yet we are discovering a paucity of psychographic data on individual customers.  What are they like? What kind of person would they like to do business with? What upsets them? What motivates them? You can use Client Types survey software to discover these answers and see how they differ within each communication style, without asking your customer directly.  What Client Types does for you is identify your customer’s communication style by asking unobtrusive and seemingly unrelated questions, with a 95% accuracy in determining the customer’s dominant communication style. Once you can segment your database by the most basic communication style – whether a customer gathers information and makes decisions based on data or based on feelings, what we call a head type or a heart type, then your email marketing can become more efficient and effective. Efficiency begins with providing information in the way that is natural for that particular  customer.  For head types, that means emails with facts, data and step-by-step logic. For heart types that means showing the impact on their lives and those they care about. Email Results by Buying Style Report We can further break down buying style preferences into future and past/present preferences so that you can tailor your message specifically to a heart type with a future preference or a head type with a past/present preference. For the latter, it is simply a matter of showing how your product with improve life right now, and show historical evidence that it has worked in the past. Sending out one type of email to customers with very different buying styles means that a large percentage will be wasted due to the general nature of the message. That is very costly when repeated on a daily and weekly basis. A better strategy would be to send out a link to a Client Types survey that your customer can take online in 4 minutes. We find that 99% of customers that are asked to take the survey do so, and our customers have asked thousands and thousands of their customers to take the survey. For more information on adding buying styles to your customer psychographic data, contact us.