Playful Fox buying styleMarketing using Communication Styles

Look at Communication Style Information You’ve Never Seen Before

Add a new dimension to your marketing segmentation, one not available until now: Communication Style. The confluence of technology, the Internet and behavioral profiling have created a marketing opportunity never before possible: the identification of a customer’s communication style from a simple, fun four-minute online survey. Segment your customers by their natural behaviors with our short psychographic survey. Then adjust your marketing messages to motivate customers according to their natural style.

Matching Marketing to Buying Styles

One of our customers discovered that an significant percentage of their clients were high energy people whose primary motivation was fun! High energy types like to engage with others and move quickly from one activity to another. That information was critical in developing how the company was going to bring people through their sales process. A long, fact-based presentation was not going to work.

Lost Sales Calculator

Demand Generation

Nothing is harder than generating demand. Filling the funnel with responses, increasing direct mail response, creating the right package and copy, and upselling customers is much, much easier when you…
  • Know how your buyer makes decisions
  • Know their key motivation
  • What kind of salesperson they like
  • Key closing phrases tailored to each type
  • How to avoid making them upset
  • Their key motivation
Whether you are writing a direct response letter, a sales letter, direct response email, renewing subscriptions, introducing new products to existing customers, developing a direct response print ad, commercial, catalog, web site or E-commerce store, knowing the real buying styles of your customers makes all of it much easier to develop and target. Even brochure and datasheet creation are much easier when you have the client type buying styles to guide you.

Company/Product Positioning and Messaging

The money is in the message. The more you know about your customer, the more targeted your message can be. Instead of just considering the product attributes and the positioning relative to your competition, or what the president “likes,” you can design your messages beginning with the most important person: your customer. With our psychographic survey, you’ll know your customer better and can develop a very accurate set of personas based on actual customer behavioral preferences, not just demographic data and guessing.

Annual Marketing Plans

Marketing plans that are developed after psychographic data is aggregated from customers end up to be very different than traditional budget/historical plans. New insights into your customers’ preferred communication styles can create demand generation and media plans that target each style. What seemed like “out of the box” ideas and concepts that would never previously be considered can now become focused “client type” motivators for your customers. Contact us now to talk about how you can use Client Types to better focus your marketing and improve response in your company.